What Twitter should do.

Twitter’s quarterly results are out and they’re underwhelming. Stock down. User growth up just slightly. As The Verge put it, (Casey Newton)

So what should Twitter do?

There have been some pretty long, in-depth pieces on what they should do. Here’s my much shorter take.

Twitter has two things going for it: knowledge of my interests, and events.

They are the closest to capturing my interest graph, short of Google’s knowledge via search history. Who I follow, what I tweet about, what I “favorite” (whoops “like”). They should double down on personalization — give me a feed that’s tailored to my interests, not just who I follow (I follow over a thousand people — my current twitter feed is a useless firehose). Let me express those interests — let me tell you I love Game of Thrones, tennis, books, and search technology. I’ll happily give you that info in return for a truly tailored, personalized feed.

Twitter is the place to go for events and news. I’m on twitter during the Game of Thrones premier. I get much of my news from twitter. When I’m at a conference, we’re all tweeting, not Facebooking. Double down on features around events. That certainly includes Periscope and video, but it’s so much more than that. Design creative engagements around TV shows, concerts and sporting events. There’s plenty of advertiser interest around that. Consumer interest too.

And for god’s sake don’t remove the 140 char limit — brevity is the soul of wit and it’s what makes Twitter what it is.