Amazing Friends

Am not really sure why but great friends who are genuinely happy to see you prosper are rare to come by these days. Fortunately nature has its own unique way of ensuring that each and everyone of us has that one or two go to individuals that we can confide in. If you happen to have one, please cherish and be grateful to them since they will take you for who you are, with all your weaknesses and strengths.

Maybe the world is changing and am just too slow to adapt or it is the side effects of this information age we’re in where most of us prefer online friends as opposed to real life ones. It gets worse when you get to residential setups where we are surrounded by neighbors. Have you ever found yourself at home, with everything set, ready to prepare your favorite delicacy, except you are missing one key thing, “A MATCHBOX…”. Your mind does quick calculations and turns out its one of these neighbors that you’ve never even say hello to, that can come to your rescue since the nearest shop is about half a kilometer away and the rest have been closed because its past their working hours. Yeah, its this time that you realize that you have no choice but to get out, head over to one of your neighbor’s door and knock, hoping that they are not asleep yet. It gets even funny when you have to first introduce yourself, tell them where you live then humbly ask for a matchbox while promising to return it since you are also trying to earn their trust.

This is just one case scenario but honestly, we do not need to be in desperate situations as this so that we can start seeking for assistance. Andela has four main core values summed up as EPIC i.e excellence, passion, integrity and collaboration. Am going to focus on collaboration for now. They have experimented and understood the importance of this concept not only in the general life context but also in the field of software development. While in pre-bootcamp workshops and even the bootcamp itself, I have met so many people, I now call colleagues. I’ve never been in a room full of so many really bright and skilled people. It kind of makes you feel lesser compared to everyone else. Indeed, many Kenyans are smart and hardworking but if you feel like you are some sort of a genius, think twice because chances you are just in your comfort zone. You need to expose yourself to more challenges in order to grow.

Even in the midst of all these, few people have continued to stand out, Abraham Ogol, our learning facilitator. I am not trying to be a teacher’s pet here but just giving credit where its due. He is friendly, patient, a bit humorous and most importantly understanding. He occasionally gets angry and loses a bit of his temper but lets face it, who never does that when pissed? He has assisted many of us debug our codes hands on and get to feel what we go through when our codes are not running correctly. Another character is Winnie Kariuki, my former team leader, I have never seen a jovial, ambitious, hardworking aspiring software developer as she is. She has literally moved from zero to hero in this short period that we’ve been together. She is an inspiration to most us.

Not to forget Vincent Gori, fellow bootcamp member but from a different group. Hardworking as everyone but funny, he has a unique way of expressing himself that always leaves us bursting out in laughter. Though it has not been long but I feel like these kind of characters are there to make life worth living. Collaboration is all about working together, helping each other out without judging anyone’s abilities. You could be going through rough times in your life but if you surround yourself with true friends, teammates, colleagues, family or relatives, the entire situation feels less stressful. Yeah, God created humans primarily as social beings. No amount of technological advancements can or will ever beat this. Stop thinking that you can survive on your own and start engaging the people around you.