Swap tokens between ERC20 and BEP20 networks in the S-Wallet ecosystem

One of the functions of the S-Wallet ecosystem — token swap between ERC20 and BEP20 networks.

How swap tokens work is shown in the example of exchanging USDT ERC20 for USDT BEP20.

1️⃣ The user has a 1000 USDT balance in the ERC20 network.
2️⃣ He creates a swap request to get 1000 USDT, but on the BEP20 network.
3️⃣ The security system checks if the requested amount of currency is available on the network.
4️⃣ If the answer is yes, the user’s 1000 USDT is blocked in the ERC20 smart contract.
5️⃣A 0.2% commission is charged for swap execution.
6️⃣ The user is credited to the balance of 998 USDT in the BEP20 network.

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