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A short post about an observation which is “stuck in my mind” for past few days.

This happened in one of whatsapp group I participate. Most of the time it has only few members (out of 100+) who are vocal, others are mostly silent. Which make sense, as not everyone find every topic interesting.

A few days back I noticed that one of the member (who is mostly silent in group) participated in a discussion because of “identity” he associate with himself was being discussed. He participated because he was not comfortable with the discussion. …

In my last post, I discussed how to stay sane if you get laid off in such highly unusual circumstances. But thats is just beginning, you still need to find the job. Game starts when you start sending application.In this post I will discuss plan I followed to find a job. It worked with me, and I am reasonably sure it will work for you.

Do not read this post if all of following conditions are true for you

Early last month I was laid off from my job.I was laid-off in lockdown. It was a COVID related layoff. It was a bit unexpected for me. Though I was expecting some cost cutting in company but I was very sure that my job will be safe. I was working hard. But I was laid-off and so does many other.

What followed was a month long job search in the lockdown. …

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