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A short post about an observation which is “stuck in my mind” for past few days.

This happened in one of whatsapp group I participate. Most of the time it has only few members (out of 100+) who are vocal, others are mostly silent. Which make sense, as not everyone find every topic interesting.

A few days back I noticed that one of the member (who is mostly silent in group) participated in a discussion because of “identity” he associate with himself was being discussed. He participated because he was not comfortable with the discussion. …

In my last post, I discussed how to stay sane if you get laid off in such highly unusual circumstances. But thats is just beginning, you still need to find the job. Game starts when you start sending application.In this post I will discuss plan I followed to find a job. It worked with me, and I am reasonably sure it will work for you.

Do not read this post if all of following conditions are true for you

Early last month I was laid off from my job.I was laid-off in lockdown. It was a COVID related layoff. It was a bit unexpected for me. Though I was expecting some cost cutting in company but I was very sure that my job will be safe. I was working hard. But I was laid-off and so does many other.

What followed was a month long job search in the lockdown. …

This is 7th post in the series I am writing to explain how I try to write good scala code. Scala let you ride beautiful code with very less scope for error. In this post I will also touch on how to use breakable in Scala.

Personally I try to avoid usingbreakin Scala. It makes me think harder and write better programs. But I am a Scala learner too and yet not able to reach to level where I can write best possible code without using break.

Still to me sometime using break is wise. But till now I never used it in production code. It is mostly for programming challenges (or interview questions). …

This blog post is a continuation of previous posts I wrote about scala. I realized that those were more text book.

We do not do matrix multiplication in our day to day job, neither we merge arrays. Life is too easy. We write simple code. How to do that with Scala. In this short post I will cover some such example. I will write real life scala code .. and try to see how we can improve it.

In a following post I will write about dreaded foldLeft, scanLeft & reduceLeft.

Example 1

Let’s start with Option. Once you start writing code in scala.. you may use Option and do various comparisons. …

This post is 4th in the series I am writing to make on boarding to scala a little easier. Target reader of this post is someone who has experience in some other language (like java) and finding it hard to appreciate/understand scala. I was one of them few years back.

If you are someone who is just starting to learn programming and picked up scala as her/his first language.. you can still read this article, but you may be writing better code then one you find in this page.

Continuing on our discussion on matrix, lets try to solve some more confusing problems. Rotations & Spiral. Problems like Clockwise rotate by 90 or anti-clock wise rotate by 90 etc. …

I observe that programmers often get intimidated by Scala and make an opinion that Scala is difficult to learn. But it is so wrong. If you understand the solution & “Keep it Simple” it is in-fact more easier to translate your thoughts to code in Scala.This is third post in series of post I am writing to share my thoughts on programming with Scala style. You can read previous two posts here & here .

In this post I will discuss Matrix. A very standard data structure and how to solve matrix problems in Scala. In my opinion coding for matrix problem is quite error prone in java or C++. …

This is second post in this series. First post is here . After my daughter was born I continued these drawings. I continued them for some 100+ days.

In some of drawing I was trying to imagine how she might be looking at world around her. What she might be thinking. In others, I am trying to convey my thought through her. Its a mix.

In this post I am sharing some of them. Please let me know how you like them.

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42 days before my daughter was born, I bought a whiteboard. I started a decrementing counter from that day.

For next 42 days I made one drawing everyday. And as I guessed, when the counter reached on day zero… it was 3rd july , Gina’s birthday.

There are 42 of them, in this blog post I am sharing some of those drawings. In my next post I will share some drawings I created after Gina was born.

22nd May 2013, 42 days to go

It was raining heavily that night.

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34 day to go

We started buying stuff for baby. Big box is bed we bought for Gina.

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30 days to go

Tua decided to keep going to office ( she went till last day, I really admire that…

In my last post I tried to show how we can easily solve a common coding problem without using mutable collection. This post is a continuation of same effort.

After publishing previous blog, I realized that there are some possible improvement I can do in the code. …


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