Daddy’s Drawings — Post 1

Feb 25 · 3 min read

42 days before my daughter was born, I bought a whiteboard. I started a decrementing counter from that day.

For next 42 days I made one drawing everyday. And as I guessed, when the counter reached on day zero… it was 3rd july , Gina’s birthday.

There are 42 of them, in this blog post I am sharing some of those drawings. In my next post I will share some drawings I created after Gina was born.

22nd May 2013, 42 days to go

It was raining heavily that night.

34 day to go

We started buying stuff for baby. Big box is bed we bought for Gina.

30 days to go

Tua decided to keep going to office ( she went till last day, I really admire that courage)

29 days to go

Baby was dancing!!!

25 days to go

My mom arrived to be with us

23 days to go

Tua still going to office, bravo!!

22 days to go


21 days to go

Tua going strong

19 days to go

18 days to go

Self praise!!

16 days to go

14 days to go

Dr Sita Rajan!!!

13 days to go

More folks

9 days to go

Going office

Last week, 7 days to go

3 days to go

2 days to go

Almost there!!

1 day to go

Next day Gina was born.
In a followup post I will share drawings I made after that. They are more fun.

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