Vikky Foresee Revenue Increase After Intergrating New “Call now” feature

What Will Happen

Vikky advertising our support for intergrating VIKKY is foreseeing a significant lift in revenues, according to our latest idea, a “CALL NOW” feature which enable users to contact each other, by spending a small amount of VIKKY or money. This is a great way to start using VIKKY token into our application. The company reports that an impressive $100.000 increase in revenue will happen, through using CALL NOW of Vikky users. Vikky DEV team says it will roll out support for mobile payment to more than 200,000 Vikky users worldwide in 2018, a million in 2019 and 3 millions in 2020.

Nothing official has been announced, however according to some first pieces of information we got, the minimum deposit for first time user will be 5$ or around 41.000 VIKKY token (11/08/2018 market price), the cost is 0.5$ / call and even cheaper if you are using VIKKY to pay. It can benefit directly to investor when users find VIKKY tokens on the market, they do not only buy $5, but could become a 50$ deal.

First off, why did we price the feature this way?

The biggest reason we went with one-time pricing, versus a subscription model, is because it best aligns with the value we’re trying to create. No one wants to read a long CV for a short-term job, they want something immediately. With Vikky, everything is on your mobile phone, with some clicks.

We believe that a business should get feedback from a user for the entire time that she or he is with us. Not just for a few weeks or months — but for how ever many years a user is with you.

A subscription model doesn’t encourage this. It’s easy to go for a few months using a product, paying, say, $50 a month, and then turn it off. In the case of Vikky, it’d be even easier. It’d be convenient to get a piece of feedback you don’t particularly like, and say, “Ahh I don’t need to hear this right now,” and turn off Vikky.

But for us, that’s not good enough. If you’re truly invested in creating the best environment for your users, you’re getting feedback from them for life. Our pricing model encourages HRs, Employers, Freelancers to see getting feedback in this way.

So do we make money doing this? Let’s pull back the curtain on our numbers…

Since starting our own ICO in June 2018, we’re profitable — our average monthly profit margins are at a healthy 15%.

Our one-time pricing will allow us to see cash a lot sooner than if we were operating on a monthly subscription pricing model. As a bootstrapped company, cash flow is the lifeline we depend on. On average, an initial 416.666.667 VIKKY token is paid out to us the first year when customers come aboard. That’s significant. With a subscription model, how many years would we have to wait until we see that same result?

Some might argue, though, while we’re able to capture a large portion of cash upfront, we’re missing out on the entire lifetime value that a monthly subscription model would capture. We initially had concerns about this, However, the math proves something different.

For us with our current one-time pricing model, the average value of a customer is about 41.667 VIKKY per customer. Every market add an average of 132 millions users to our software during the time they use Vikky. The least amount of time a customer spend with us is after they finish using their deposit.

To attain that same average lifetime value of 41.667 VIKKY token with a subscription model (let’s say we were to charge $20 per user per month), we‘d need a customer to stay with us for about 8 months.

More details in the charts below:

Why Vikky price should pump up? If not, our Revenue from tokens would like this:

Yes! We can

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