Learn to Become a Certified Web Developer

Become a Certified Web Developer

Learn and become a web development pro with this certified course that will give you a deep knowledge about every aspect of web development.

All the elements of web technologies have been put together to make it easier for you to learn! This platform will provide you a perfect start to your journey of becoming a web developer.

This course offers a step by step process of learning followed by the relevant project after each unit. It ensures you a theoretical as well as practical experience with interesting projects.

This course covers the following technologies:

  • HTML5 and CSS3: — You will go through a complete learning process of the basics of programming.
  • JavaScript and JQuery: — Understanding this powerful language and web script to build great web applications.
  • XML, JSON, Ajax: — A deep understanding of the creation of web services with these powerful technologies.
  • PHP and MySQL: — Master your skills with one of the most popular server scripting technology.
  • Yii Framework: — This framework will help you build web 2.5 sites easily using this technology.

This complete course in web programming offers you a fun way learning with all real-world projects. The course covers both server and client-side programming. The projects will help you learn in an interactive way! And the most importantly- IT’S FREE for a limited period. Start now: