A recent comment by Elon Musk sparked controversy for the usage of Lidar in self-driving cars. There are two camps: Literally, everyone developing self-driving technology like Waymo, Uber, and others, who rely heavily on Lidar in addition to other sensors. The other camp led by Tesla relies purely on data from cameras, radar, and ultrasonic sensors. The stakes are high due to :

  1. Safety issues
  2. Multi-million dollar investment in Lidar technology

As a graduate of Udacity’s self-driving car nano degree program and research background in Optics, this topic got me intrigued.

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I decided to study more about sensor fusion, Lidars…

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After some serious instances that raised privacy concerns, encryption and security have become top priority for the technology giants. After the introduction of biometric authentication in mobile phones, it has become a huge challenge for phone makers to create a biometric method that meets the following criteria:

  • Ease of use
  • High reliability
  • Support enhancing the design and aesthetics of the phone

Apple has come up with a solution that would be a union of all the three factors and, they call it the ‘Face ID’. As the name suggests, Face ID uses our face as biometric-login to unlock iPhones. …

Vikraman K

Scientist in Mind, engineer in hands

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