Birthday Resolution of a “Young” Senior Citizen

Today — September 12, 2018 — is my 62nd Birthday.

Yes — I was born on September 12, 1956 — and today — I am 62 years old.

Here is My Birthday Resolution:

“I will try my best to “flower” and “bloom” wherever I am and with whatever I have…”

“Wherever God has planted me — I will try to flower and bloom…”


Inspirational Introspection By VIKRAM KARVE

I learnt more about the Art of Living by reading good literature — rather than from hearing sermons and moral lectures — or from high-falutin philosophy or spiritualism.

One thing good about the Navy is that it inculcated and fostered the reading habit in me.

I read a lot of sea stories and novels like The Cruel Sea, The Caine Mutiny, Run Silent Run Deep, HMS Ulysses, Tales of the South Pacific and so many more.

One sea novel I like very much is:

THE CAPTAIN by Jan De Hartog

In this story — the protagonist is a Merchant Navy Officer who is frustrated because — owing to reasons beyond his control — he gets stuck in Tugs whereas he wants to sail in the main fleet.

Seeing his frustration — his Tug Captain gives him a maxim:

“ Ou Dieu vous a seme — il faut savoir fleurir ”

which roughly translated means

“ You must know how to flower where God has sown you ”


“ wherever God plants you — there you must learn how to bloom ”

The young Merchant Navy Officer takes this to heart — he works very hard on the Tug — and then — he works with dedication, sincerity and devotion to duty throughout his career on Tugs.

In due course — he becomes the most famous sea-going Tug Captain — and ultimately the owner of flourishing company with a huge fleet of ocean going tugs.

Inspired by this book — I too tried my best to imbibe this philosophy in my life — especially in my Naval Career — and — I tried my best to “flower” wherever the Navy posted me.

It is good philosophy to apply in your life:

“Wherever God plants you — there you must learn how to flower and bloom…”


“LIKE IT” OR “LUMP IT” : If you don’t like it — just lump it

If you do not get what you like

Then — you must learn to like what you get

And — you must make the most of it

Like they say in the Navy:

If you don’t “like” it — just “lump” it.

“Like it” or “Lump it”

There is another saying I read a few years ago:

If life gives you a “Lemon” — make “Lemonade”.

Yes — when life gives you a “lemon” — use that “lemon” and make “lemonade” — instead of cribbing and carping — wallowing in self pity — becoming bitter and spreading bitterness — and making your own life hell and everyone else’s life miserable.

Like they say in NLP :

There is no such thing as “failure”

There is only “learning experience”

So — metaphorically — the “lemon” is the failure — and — the “lemonade” is the learning experience.

And this “learning experience” will enable you to “flower” and “bloom” wherever you are “sown” or “planted”

Well — I have tried to follow this mantra:

“ Ou Dieu vous a seme — il faut savoir fleurir ”

When I was in the Navy — wherever the Navy transferred me — to whatever job they assigned me — whether they promoted me or not — I tried not to get disillusioned or demoralized.

And — in my own inimitable style:

I tried to “flower” and “bloom” wherever I was “sown” or “planted”.

Yes — I made “lemonade” with all the “lemons” that the Navy gave me.

I am trying to do this after my retirement too — trying to “flower” and “bloom” in the back-of-beyond lonely place called Wakad — on the outskirts of Pune — where God has planted me after my retirement.

That is one of the reasons you are reading this Blog.

Yes — the result of all this “flowering” and “blooming” is this prolific Blog — and the couple of books I have written.

Well — I am going to “flower” and “bloom” away and “bash on regardless” with my Blogging and Writing — since — this is the best thing I can do where God has planted me.

God has given me the “lemon” of loneliness.

And — from this “lemon” of loneliness — I have made the “lemonade” of my blogs — and my books — and all my writing.

Have a good day — whatever “lemons” you get today — just keep making “lemonade” and enjoy every drop of it.

Sometimes you may feel a sense of “failure” — you may feel that you have “failed” in life.

There is no such thing as “failure” — it is all in the mind.

And still — if you feel a sense of “failure” — think of “failure” as a “lemon” — and make “lemonade”.

Talking of the “lemon” of “failure” — let me tell you one thing that I have learnt from my own life experiences.

Sometimes — failure is good

You can take my word for it.

Remember the maxim:

“ Ou Dieu vous a seme — il faut savoir fleurir ”

(wherever God plants you — there you must learn how to flower and bloom)

Apply this to your life — and you will “flower and bloom” wherever you are.

Well — I am going to try and do it.

I am sure I will succeed.

Dear Reader: May you “flower and bloom” wherever God has planted you.


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