The Lion King

There are certain stories that literally build childhood. Tales like the fox and the crow and the fox in the vineyard are unforgettable. These are classics. These tales have beautifully interwoven plots and emotions. Just like these tales there are some special films that bring honour to cinema as a whole. They are classics that can be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone and everyone. The Lion King is one such film.

“ They’re fireflies. Fireflies that, uh… got stuck up on that big bluish-black thing.”
- Timon
“ Oh, gee. I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away.”
- Pumba

The Lion King revolves around the life of a yound cub who is thrown out of the pride due to horrifying circumstances. Betrayal, rage, aspirarion, guilt and love are among the huge gamut of emotions displayed in The Lion King. During the core of the film we see the young cub, Simba, grow with a Wild Hog and a Meerkat. This trio gambol around and enjoy life until Simba, realises his true self and is destined to avenge his father, Mufasa’s death. This is the basic outline of the movie. The film is set in the african Savanas and is filled with arcipluvian range of animals. The movie is very colorful. The Lion King is colorful both on the physical and the emotional level. One tends to ignore and disregard animated films such as this classic but, time and again, these films fill the audience with immense satisfaction and fulfilment. The colorful emotions and simple yet exciting plots that build The Lion King just lift the film higher.

The Lion King has wonderfully written characters that really penetrate through one’s heart and touch the soul. Simba’s father, Mufasa, enthralls and moves the audience with every word he utters. His voice(lent by James Earl Jones) plays a major and vital role in the whole character sketch of Mufasa. Mufasa truly seems to be the king of the world and has no one to prove to that he is The Lion King. When the Lion King, Mufasa, dies the audience is bound to feel pathetic and sad. Other characters such as Timon, Mumba, Rafiki and Zazu are a delight to have in the film. These characters make you smile and bring a different layer of meaning to The Lion King. Timon the Meerkat and Mumba the Warthog make one think a lot about their approach to life. ‘Hakunamatata’ it means no worries. Timon and Mumba make us wonder why we make our easy and simple lives tough, complex and sad.

“Scar! Brother, help me…”
- Mufasa
“Long live the king…”
- Scar

Other negative roles such as that of Scar, Ed the Hyena, Fighting Hyena and Banzai are awe-inspiring and glorifying to watch. The negative characters are shown in a colossal fashion. Every move of Scar’s disgusts the audience and there is no guilt or regret in him at the end or during the film . The betrayal and son-of-a-bitch attitude of Scar’s that tends to irritate the audience is the beauty of Scar’s characterization. Ed the Hyena, Banzai and Fighting Hyena support the role that Scar plays in the story of The Lion King. These character really get on the nerves of the audience which is a good thing since, that is exactly what that character was meant to do. On the whole the characters of Lion King compliment each other and let wade their way through the plot in an amazing fashion. The makers of this film have done a phenomenonal job with regard to the characters.

The Lion King has amazing music. There are a variety of songs that vary from melody to pop music. The music and the background score compliment the happenings of the film and do not dominate or suppress them scenes. This sublime music is composed by Mark Mancina, Elton John, Jay Rifkin, Julie Taymor and Lebo M. These composers have done an immensely fabulous job. The songs tingle the sense of music which is inborn in everyone.

To conclude, I would ask people who loved the tales told to them by mothers and grandmothers when they were children. Do not underestimate the potential of this film due to the fact that it is an animated film. This film will not fail you. It has all that you need to honour a film as a classic. The Lion King has anything you ask from comedy to sorrow. As mentioned above, the music is pleasing and moving. Do not miss this classic.

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