Design Methods: MIT 10 Step Design Process

Ref: MIT Open Courseware — Engineering Innovation and Design


  1. Identify Needs (What is the problem?)
  2. Information Phase (What exists?)
  3. Stakeholder Phase (Whats wanted? and who wants it?)
  4. Planning/Operational Research (What is realistic? what limits us?)
  5. Hazard Analysis (Whats safe? what can go wrong?)
  6. Specifications (Whats required?)


7. Creative Design (Ideation)

8. Conceptual Design (Potential Solutions)

9. Prototyping Design (Create a version of the preferred design)


10. Does it work? If not, redesign

Innovation: A Design Consultant’s View:

At the intersection of

  • Business (Viability) and People (Desirability) → Emotional Innovation
  • People and Technology (Feasibility) → Functional Innovation
  • Business and Technology → Process Innovation
  • Business, People and Technology → Experience Innovation