Democrats Need to Get Comfortable With Power
Matthew Cooper

Please also note that these are not issues of power but of money. If you are doing what your boss wants rather than just being good cop to the Republican’s bad cop, naturally you’d be more enthusiastic. Obama and Clinton essentially came down to sabotage and upstage, from a communications perspective, rather than uplift the progressive hopefuls. Small-donor candidates can actually outraise even corporate shills. The problem is that when they do, ten times that amount is shifted from some federally located war room in the direction of their opponent. This is an insurgency, not the chessboard joke the writer tries to make. Please get in the next constitutional amendment to remove money from politics (ref Wolfpac or a million other people trying to make this happen) before writing stuff like this. You can purge the party or please just join another, because that corporation is fervently committed to counterinsurgency against the people’s values.