It’s quarantine days and everybody is doing something useful. I’m no different than the super cool people out there: I made the best tutorial for learning python on the Internet(s). The best part? It takes you 90 seconds to complete and after it you’ll be fluent in python!

Intrigued? Let’s go then:

Yes, it’s a joke. Till next time.

This is going to be a long one. Also it can be found here.

This blog post (originally titled “Late for the Kotlin party”) has been in the file cabinet since spring and the “see the light of the optical cable” moment was postponed, because of, reasons. …

And what to do about it.

Have you ever tried to loop sounds in Android? And how did it go?

Easy, right? Just call setLooping(true) on your instance of MediaPlayer and it’s done. There’s one small detail, though. When you set the .setLooping value to true and hear the result, if you don’t mind the silence…


Inspect Element. Enter short bio.

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