A day dream

I hit bed after a sumptuous meal in the middle of the day. I’d a dream:

I am wondering what should I teach my almost two-year old kid.

“ To learn to negotiate between you and the remaining whole in a just way”

came the answer. I imagined myself standing in front of an object (round) which represented everything else (which I don’t consider as ‘Me’) — the role of symbolism to understand concepts! Now, I am to negotiate with that ‘whole’ with the only law that balance shall be maintained. It’s a business like proposition — exchange of values. Similar to ‘Law of Karma’ — you reap what you saw. But, it was on a much grand scale. You want something from this whole. But what do you have to offer? The best part: You choose what you want to have and what you want to give as long as they balance out each other — a barter system of life. If you can’t figure out, your ever-active unconscious mind shall interact anyway, and the whole will eventually balance it out.

Disclaimer: I was reading about accounting (balance sheets!) earlier this morning. I am eager to make changes in my life — more focussed and independent — and I did read ‘As a man thinketh’ a few days back. Lastly, I was playing with my son before he went to bed and I, too, slipped in the sheets as close as possible to him.

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