A hair cut on the Republic Day’16

Today, my son Arjun got his first hair-cut post the ‘mundan’ ceremony. And, of course, he was scared of the strange man with a sharp instrument which makes noise as it move around the head. The mother’s grip summoned danger — an activation of memory of his last vaccination needle — and the fear of pain forced the event to be more dramatic than the painful injuries he incur almost twice a day.

And, there’s his Dad who was delighted to know that the barber would be able to give him a hair-cut in his comfort of his home at a reasonable price. Later, during the shower, it struck me that I want security in the haircut too. I want to ‘hold-on’ to the style which I have and there’s unknown fear of futility of struggle to maintain the hairstyle in the months to come. Does it reflect on my laziness or there is something more deep and serious reflection of the quality of my mental state : Control, attachment, fear of change, longing of comfort, fear of wasteful efforts (in so called mundane activities)?

Idea of dissolving the notion of ‘me’ and embrace the intelligence in its purest form has occupied my mind— J Krishnamurti, Ramana Maharish, ‘ The Impersonal Life’.

Lack of action reverberates with the loudest sound when the self-analysis comes into play. Ms Koirala ,saving thousands of humans from a living hell, presents the exact demostration of action.

A couple days back, while returning from the railway station — had dropped a darling friend — I saw a lady beside the road with no clothes (winters) trying to warm herself by igniting the coconut fibres. I parked my car and enquired from the nearby shop to arrange for a warm wollen garment . Unexpectedly, the shopkeeper informed me that many had tried earlier to get warm stuff like blanket, pull-overs but she didn’t take it. Rather she had attacked with a stick all those who tried to help her. I quit my arms against suffering and went back to my car. I didn’t know what else to do.

Also, today is Republic Day of my country. There is demostartion of might in the capital city. This is what mankind has created for itself — a world full of weapons to kill each other. I am not proud to be a part of this celebration.