‘Beta, just one more bite’

Background: A couple of months back, my blood pressure readings were 140/100. I am 32. So, it came as a shock as I didn’t consider my lifestyle as ‘bad’. But, it seems it was. So, I’ve made some changes — running, breathing and food.

When I had started running, I could hardly run for 100 metres. Now, I can run for 3.5 km (in ~20 mins). It took me one and a half month to reach to this point — Yes, I am slow!

Today morning when I got up, my legs were hurting (thanks to my over-stretching during SuryaNamaskar). I could barely walk without feeling the pain. Yet, I went for the run.

I ran for usual 20 mins. Then, I ran more. I ran for 35 mins (~5 kms). The longest in the last decade. I could have run more quite easily.

During the last five minutes of my run when I was about to stop, I’d an insight. I realized that whenever I view ‘the distance left to my destination’ as a whole, I get discouraged — my anxious self? It occurred to me that what if I fool my mind to run just ‘ one more breath’. And, then continue the process as long as I can.

I recalled that my mother used a similar strategy when I was a little kid — a difficult one (I guess all are when it comes to eating). She simply used to say,

“Beta, just one more bite”

till everything on the plate she held vanished in the deep mystery of my body.

(‘Beta’ is a Hindi word which loosely means ‘my dear son’)

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Good day!