20 simple SaaS Marketing Best Practices to boost your business

If you read only 1 list of SaaS marketing best practices today, this should be the one! 20 simple but very important tips to enhance your user acquisition, user retention and grow your business as a whole.

1. Avoid discounts

Discounts are deceiving: usually, companies try to get more users and clients. But in the end of the day, it can easily turn out that you brought in the wrong audience and they churn. Again: competing on prices is a very bad approach, compete on benefits instead! If you bring in a new customer based on your unique selling proposition but for the usual price, he will be more likely to stick with you for longer. The more they invest in your solution the more difficult is to leave you!

2. Build growth engine into your product

Growth engines are varying product by product: for example in Slack you share the tool with your colleagues, in Pipedrive you and your invited company get a discount. You have to build some kind of virality into your product even if it doesn’t seem to be good for a B2B business. You might hear that “it doesn’t work in B2B” but I hope you don’t try to sell to companies but to individuals… and in this case, it doesn’t really matter whether you are in B2C or B2B.

3. Get into review sites

During the buying process, lots of people check reviews that are independent of you. Therefore they go to review sites and try to collect information. So it is important to “host your reviews” on your review sites too. For example on Capterra, G2crowd, financesonline.com.

4. Shorten your free trial period

Maybe it seems contra-intuitive but a lot of time shortening your trial period increases conversion rate. It’s because there will be a bigger time pressure on your trial users. Scarcity is one of the most effective tools when it comes to sales!

5. Increase your prices

Prices are usually lower than they should be. Lots of companies think that it’s important to have low prices to make people even register. But that’s not true! People are looking at benefits and features first. If you can convince that your tool is able to kill the pain your prospect has, you’ve already won. But there can be exceptions: if you target companies or people on low-budget… But competing on prices can be very harmful.

6. Offer annual payment

Annual, pre-paid payment is usually cheaper than paying month-by-month and it is wise to offer this solution. It is a little bit cheaper as you get their trust for 1 whole year! And it is worth a lot to have a client with you for a year as they won’t churn until that time for sure which makes your numbers more predictable.

7. Have a good customer support

Yes, it sounds obvious but one of the most important things is your customer support. It is especially true if you have big competitors in your market: as they don’t have much time you will be even able to steal clients from them just by providing good customer support!

But be aware: the level of your customer support should be highly affected by your business model. If it is self-service, it is enough to have a chat and email combination, if it is transactional, you might go to telephone too and if it is enterprise level, it can be a one-to-one, live solution!

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