How to Revamp your Client Onboarding with your Email Software?

Prospect downloaded an ebook, read another piece of content, signed up to your trial, tried features, gave you the credit card, became paying client and a few months later upgraded. This is a journey of a client in a mobile app or SaaS software… Here is a great way to track your client onboarding process and identify drop-offs with tagging, using in-app events and segments in your email software.

What are tags, events, and segments?

In order to be able to see your trial to paying customer conversion rate (as a KPI metric of your client onboarding process) and the journey your users are taking, you need to collect data. Thank you captain obvious! But how?

By using contact tags, events and segments.

Contact tags are labels that are added to your leads, users, and clients based on their behavior.

For example, you give somebody a tag if downloaded a specific ebook, signed up for your trial, paid, upgraded and so on. These are literally little words, “tags” that are put to contacts when they do something.

Events are actions that are taken by your users in your mobile or web application.

For example, if somebody uses one of your features, pays you, does something that is trackable.

Segments are views of your contact list based on specific criteria.

For example, you can set up criteria like: opened a specific (or more) email(s), clicked a link(s), has a tag, has a specific custom value, subscribed on a specific form(s), and more. To create highly targeted segments, you can combine “or” and “and” logical operations. Segments are automatically recalculated so it will always show you the list of people who fulfill the criteria you set up.

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