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“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that is has taken place.”

George Bernard Shaw

Many businesses these days are built upon three main pillars: their customers, operations, and technology. Very often, these entities are quite similar to actual free-standing pillars in that they’re in dire need of a means of solidifying their respective foundations through cohesion and proper alignment.

Enter the Product Manager, which despite their somewhat fluid role supports and connects those pillars, bridging lines of communication and managing expectations. …

Part of the job of the product “designers” is to build experiences, which amplifies trust in a brand through signifiers.

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Marketing in the economy of abundance is about building connection. Seth Godin evangelized this already for years. When Designers and Product creators orchestrate experiences with this in mind, interesting ideas are shipped and might change the status quo for the better.

Conversio, the e-comm. marketing platform noticed this and recently released a feature called Brand Trust Platform. The feature is quite simple. E-commerce owners can place product reviews into multiple places over the entire platform. Either on the website or inside any marketing channel.

Every single landing page should introduce the business to the audience in the very top part. This article attributes this function to Value Proposition, considered as a combination of a thoughtful copy of Main Title, descriptive SubTitle, and illustrative visuals. Together they aim to pass the message and set the tone of communication between interface and page visitor.

You might be surprised, but the very first question that pops up in the head of your web visitor is “Am I at the right place?”. They are looking for clues to answer this question positively. It’s a job of the page creator to provide these clues as soon as possible once the page loaded. …

Toolkit for creating VP that sets your product apart

Website’s first impression is hugely underestimated in UX processes I observed recently. In fact, the potential of using highly influential factors is barely considered during first time experience.

One of these potent factors with far-reaching effect is a unique Value Proposition (VP).

VP is #1 thing that determines whether visitor will bother exploring your website or not.

The very first segment that attracts user’s attention is 1–2 longer sentences (sometimes with short text paragraph) that are usually supported by the picture of product placed in the center. An addition of 3–4 columns describing product/service benefits is used to clarify the overall product value. …

3 questions guiding you to providing the desired customer experience

If you committed yourself to providing a trustful customer experience then this article could guide you whether you are a content strategist, interaction designer or anyone caring about proper web presentation.

A: Viktor what do you think about new design of our landing page? We switched to new one 2 weeks ago. Result is that our customer conversion rate started to decrease and we cannot figure out why. General feedback of first time visitors is confusion. Heatmap report confirmed disorientation and searching for CTAs on wrong places. …

Tips and resources for being better UI/UX designer

As I started with designing digital products again over a year ago, I realised I was not as good designer as I thought I was. Some moments of realisation came when I became a product designer in a startup.

As a co-founder, not as just an ordinary employee, you see processes differently because you care more about how your startup evolves in time. Everyday, you encounter numerous challenges from variety of fields = business, sales, development, but also from the design perspective.

As a product designer/co-founder, you have all the necessary information about your product in mind, therefore you are the competent one to prioritize the steps to get the task done. …


Viktor Goliaš

Product Designer

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