The most important part of your SaaS landing page

Viktor Goliaš
Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read

Every single landing page should introduce the business to the audience in the very top part. This article attributes this function to Value Proposition, considered as a combination of a thoughtful copy of Main Title, descriptive SubTitle, and illustrative visuals. Together they aim to pass the message and set the tone of communication between interface and page visitor.

You might be surprised, but the very first question that pops up in the head of your web visitor is “Am I at the right place?”. They are looking for clues to answer this question positively. It’s a job of the page creator to provide these clues as soon as possible once the page loaded. The answer to the aforementioned question lays in the Value Proposition.

Marketing activities set up the expectations and your landing page is required to meet them. To understand the thinking sequence properly, let’s picture a situation.

Let’s say that I’m bootstrapping the company and currently focused my efforts to build an audience through social media channels. My friend advised me to take a look at mainly for its shockingly quick way of generating good enough design.

It supposes to have a great number of editable templates, with the attractive, generic but sufficient quality. Finally, a plug and play solution to test your ideas in public without messaging your designer in the midnight. OK, you got me. Lets’ explore this more!

I’m typing because it’s easy to remember. 1 bonus point! Well, wait a bit. To my surprise, I’m not entirely sure whether I arrived at the right page. This is what I’m seeing.

I recall my friend mentioning a couple other SaaS brands and now I’m confused as I don’t remember which name belongs to which tool. Also, I don’t have a team. Actually, as I don’t consider myself as a creative person and rather executive, therefore, I’m not interested in unleashing my creativity. Is this some kind of collaboration tool for designers where they share resources and inspiration? I guess I was looking for something else. Or not?

Disclaimer: One possible explanation for the current Value Proposition statement could be the efforts to attract teams to increase number of premium users rather than nondirectly inviting single professionals. Which is completely valid approach. My judgment comes from an angle of the individual and ommits short-term business strategy. My aim is to take and example and make a point, WHERE any SaaS founders should concentrate their attention.

Now, let’s travel to an alternative universe. Where Canva’s Value Proposition communicates different core unique value of this life-changing tool. (Undoubtedly it changed the lives of many solopreneurs and marketers. Including mine — as I don’t have to create a logo for my girlfriend’s new travel blog)

This alternative universe feels like home!

Finally, my interpretation resulted in higher confidence that I arrived at the right place. As a non-designer entrepreneur, I can create attractive materials for my business. All-in-one solution provides the solution for most of my marketing problems inside both the digital and analog world.

Hopefully, you now understand how the words that resonate with visitor drive their behavior towards action without any doubts.

What is the impact?

As a founder, product manager, UX designer or business owner you might wonder, how can this help with a positive effect on any KPIs?

when they managed to increase conversions with tiny changes to their Value Propositions. Check these two highlighed examples:

1. 15% lift in contact form submissions when adding a “response time of 24 hours” in the main title


2. a 93% lift in conversion rate for finishing survey when added the word “affordable” as part of the value proposition.


My advice is to brainstorm with your team, what can be the alternatives to the existing value proposition that can resonate on a deeper level with people that bounce off your landing page.

Or there is also another smart hack, which my good friend (Product Manager for networks monitoring SaaS tools) successfully applied in the past. He basically asked their stable and trusting customers how would they describe the software tool in their own words as a layperson.

Good luck!

Next step?

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