When building digital products in a connection economy, optimize for trust.

Part of the job of the product “designers” is to build experiences, which amplifies trust in a brand through signifiers.

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Marketing in the economy of abundance is about building connection. Seth Godin evangelized this already for years. When Designers and Product creators orchestrate experiences with this in mind, interesting ideas are shipped and might change the status quo for the better.

Conversio, the e-comm. marketing platform noticed this and recently released a feature called Brand Trust Platform. The feature is quite simple. E-commerce owners can place product reviews into multiple places over the entire platform. Either on the website or inside any marketing channel.

Surfacing the pictures of products used by the real people shared on Instagram supports the concept of Social Proof. Which is used in a UX design frequently in various forms. Social Proof delivers credibility and promotes adoption or acceptance by specific subculture.

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More interesting is that this feature is actually their response to the shift in a culture, and its effects on the value exchange mechanisms. They understood this through well-researched stats and careful trend observation. FYI this feature is NOT in a standard repertoire of the e-commerce marketing platforms.

Content strategy of the dedicated page draws from the insights they uncovered. And form the core of the message — “craft a more wholesome brand”. Preceding it with blog posts discussing related market changes only helped to build beliefs and anticipation for the next step.

E-commerce relies on authenticity in presenting the product. Resellers can now do a better job of surfacing the independent diverse voices. Thanks to leadership through releasing Brand Trust Platform and providing resources to help with the steep learning curve.

Conversio product team saw the change in the rules of the game. And utilized the first mover advantage to lead e-commerce actors in the way culture wants to go. To make the buying process better for all.

This is the style of thinking from which the so-called “innovations” originate. The combination of user-centered design, observation of changes in habits of the market actors and decisive action.

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Product Designer www.victoryofgoliath.com

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