Vegetarianism as a lifestyle


Vegetarianism — it is not a fasion tendency. It is a personal choice. People, who for some reason refused to eat animal products, have such opinion. Every year the number of supporters of this way of eating increases.Discussions about the benefit or harm of vegetarianism is also becoming increasingly.

“When the son got sick, I decided to support him and together we stopped eating meat, eggs, fish and seafood. I can not abandon milk products especially the cheese. It compensates a protein, that we don`t get from animal products” — says Victoria, who has over twenty years doesn`t eat meat.
Victoria at work

Now she prepares meals for vegetarians and vegans in one of the cafes of Lviv. In the kitchen she works with meat eaters, but there is no debate about nutrition.

Cooks says that it`s a personal choice of each and that must be respected.

There is a myth that vegetarians eat only fruits and vegetables.

Indeed it is easily refuted. To food allowance also includes cereals and crops, substitutes of dairy products — tofu, coconut and almond milk.

Another myth — some food for vegetarians not be bought in Ukraine. However, food substitutes such as coconut and almond milk are sold on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets.


Vegetarians are divided into four main groups:
 — Those who eat dairy products and eggs;
 — Those who eat eggs but does not eat milk products;
 — Those who eat milk products, but not eat eggs;
 — Those who eat no eggs, no milk and derivative products.
This is not the only one classification of vegetarians, but one of the most common.

Salad with spinach and beans
Inna doesn`t eat meat from 15 years. She says that nobody forced her to make this choice.

“Vegetarianism — it’s not a diet. People become vegetarians for ethical reasons because of health conditions, such as heart problems.

Even if we reject the ethical considerations and think pragmatically, it is actually a lot of resources (electricity, water) required for cooking meat.

I know people, who have never eat meat, so they don`t know that losing”

“Vegetarianism solves many problems, but if you study the issue deeply. But it should be without fanaticism. everyone has the right to choose”.
Vagitarian`s blueberry nutcake

Inna doesn`t eat meat, fish, seafood, but eat milk products.

“If I`m speaking now with vegan, he would say that this is not correct. I have friends, who don`t eat meat, but wear fur. But it`s their way and we must not condemn these people. They have already made their first step.
Rome was not built in a day.
Firstly, people refuse meat, but will eat fish or refuses animal products, but will wear leather or fur. It’s better than nothing”
Wok vegetables with tofu, spinach and seeds
“People thinks that we limit himself and eat only grass or something like this”

If not to focus on what we eat, vegetarians have new possibilities — cereals, herbs, vegetables, forukty, soy products, desserts without eggs and honey.

“An abroad most restaurants adapted as meat eaters and vegetarians. It is not necessary to go to a vegetarian restaurant, now even in ordinary restaurants you can order a vegetarian dish. In Ukraine, this trend is only growing, but for example in Kyiv is popular”.

Few years Inna worked in vegetarian cafe, but last year she opened its cafe. There is no permanent menu. All cases are prepared with seasonal ingredients. Therefore, their menu ofte nchanges.

“Now many restaurants have dishes prepared with strawberries. We do not, because it is not tasty. There are many chemicals”.
Carrots marinated in milk with cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and raisins with mint sauce

Vegan`s cake without bake

Mix the biscuits, nuts and dates. dough to make a cake. Share mixture on top of the chocolate paste and nuts. Leave in the fridge for 7–8 hours.