size: 30 x 40 cm, Montreal 2015

ای ایران ای مرز پرگهر
ای خاکت سرچشمه ی هنر

Oh Iran, my bejeweled homeland,
your soil breeds art and culture, Oh Iran.

Ô Iran, ma terre natale parée de mille feux,
De ton sol nourricier naissent l’art et la culture, ô Iran.

a bit of context

This poem is part of the non-official and popular national anthem which is revered by virtually all Iranians since its inception. This anthem has never been the official national anthem: neither before nor after the 1979 revolution. Yet it is impossible to find an Iranian who doesn’t know it by heart. They chant it in their public gatherings all around the world.

Here you can watch a popular rendition of the song performed by the iconic singer Mr. Banan:

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