size: 50 x 50, Montreal 2015

عاشق بزم توام راهم بده
عقل روشن جان آگاهم بده

[God] I love to be in your paradise, let me in.
Share your wisdom with me and enlighten my soul.

[Dieu] que j’aime être dans ton paradis, laisse-moi y entrer.
Partage ta sagesse avec moi et illumine mon âme.

poem by

Mehdi Soheili 1924–1987 [link, wikipedia Farsi]

a bit of context

He was a contemporary poet, playwright, and radio host. Some of his works were famously published in Moscow at the time. He was a straightforward man with a sharp sense of humor. Obviously, the excerpt used in this artwork is NOT one of his humorous poems.

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