Your Eyes

size: 40 x 50 cm, Montreal 2015

مرا کیفیت چشم تو کافیست

The quality of your eyes suffices me.

La qualité de tes yeux me suffit.

poem by

Baba Tahir (11th-century) [wikipedia]

a bit of context

He is known as one of the most revered and respectable early poets in Persian literature. Most of his life is clouded in mystery. According to L. P. Elwell-Sutton, he could be described as the first great poet of Sufi love in Persian literature.

He was known by the name of Baba Taher-e Oryan (The Naked), which suggests that he may have been a wandering Dervish. Legend tells that the poet, an illiterate woodcutter, attended lectures at a religious school, where he was not welcomed by his fellow-students.

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