Crashed dreams and new beginnings

There is no reason for you to notice but in past year I went absolutely silent with my public tech profile. No tweets, no attendance or speaking at conferences and meetups, nothing.

The reason for that is finding another passion as a supply of good emotions and positivity on everyday basis — triathlon.

There are highs and lows with startups and things were tough with Whisk, with our team has to work hard on keeping company stable without much of reward. I don’t mean financial rewards, but examples of things which drive me personally: happy users, building challenging, intelligent and unique functionalities, scale and company growth.

What I love about triathlon in contrast to startups, is that your high level of effort will be inevitably rewarded with success in races. You train hard and smart — you are performing well. Dead simple!

And to be fair I was very good in that. With just one year of experience I was finishing in top 5% of the field and even had taste of 1st place on the podium in one of small local events. Recently I started working with a great coach and further increasing rate of improvements in my fitness.

My key race for this season was Ironman Barcelona and I finally managed to arrange myself a holidays, where I’d spend 2 weeks completely off work doing nothing but training in France.

Unfortunately my dreams didn’t come true and I had a taste of that for only first 4 days, then had a bad crash on a bike, breaking my collarbone. There was not much reason to come back to Edinburgh immediately as it would put a lot of stress on my body and might’ve make things worse. So decided to stay in France, eat cheese and do nothing. Luckily there was still a great scenery to enjoy walking: beautiful mountains and lake.

Seeking for a bit of entertainment, I’ve installed Heroes of Might and Magic III, got bored after couple of hours of playing, then tried version V — same. So I fell back to programming.

But finally I managed to deal not with a ton of my everyday tasks at work, but do more research and experimentation. What a luxury! There was absolutely no pressure and boundaries on thinking process and I made some good discoveries and thoughts which I will try to formalise in upcoming articles.

Such a break was especially important given some of new important and exciting ventures of Whisk. It will hopefully influence our next streak, as it would be essential to iterate quickly and build a solid foundation for scaling the team.

I expect using my articles as an addition to onboarding process to explain certain technological decisions and build conversation around that. There are definitely a lot of lessons learned in Whisk over past 5 years.

My first take gonna be on code infrastructure: Monorepo for small teams

Given I’m in recovery process for at least next 6 weeks, I’m back in tech 2 x full-time. Which suggests you will hear from me soon!

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