Not what you expect

30 minutes is the start

This is the start to doing what you love. Take thirty minutes on a daily basis to practice that skill, trade, hobby etc.. First this will let you know if you actually do love doing this skill over a period of time. Moreover it will give you practice on the fundamental level of this skill. If you sincerely love this, the 30 minutes will turn into longer periods.

This is a must!

If you want to take the next level to doing what you love, you have to work for free. From learing customer relations to constructive cristicism this is a key step into developing your skill. Furthermore this is a start of your brand identity.

Lets see your work

Everyone is always focused on updating their resumes. Please forget about your resume! Create a portfolio showcasing your work. This can be an online website summarizing your work or just a list of people that can be used as a networking tool and reference for your work.

The Goal is to have fun!

The whole point of doing what you love is because it’s fun. Some people start out doing things they love and soon hate it. Everything has a particular characteristic that we might dislike. Best advice is avoid them, in all reality you are running your own destiny.

There is no one way of doing this.

But if you need any advice how to get started please email me ☺


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