Cryptoeconomic Theory: Table of Contents

Viktor Makarskyy
Feb 7, 2018 · 1 min read

This is the Introduction and Table of Contents of the weekly Cryptoeconomics series.

“What do you believe in Blockchain that other people don’t?”

“I think they’re a fundamentally new way of organizing humans.” — Naval Ravikant

Lets use “first principles thinking” to explore the research, theories, history, and mathematics of how humans organize.

This will help us be informed as we design protocols for our future companies, currencies, and governments.

  1. Basics of Social Order (2,389 words / 10 min read)
  2. Markets vs. Planning (1,433 words / 6 min read)
  3. Pareto Efficiency (1,029 words / 5 min read)
  4. Game Theory Basics (1,711 words / 8 min read)
  5. Game Theory Part 2
  6. Rationality & self-regarding preferences
  7. Social preferences
  8. Coordination problems & Institutional Design Part 1
  9. Coordination problems & Institutional Design Part 2
  10. Bargaining Breakthrough & Breakdowns
  11. Exchange: Contracts, Norms & Power

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