Does it worth it?

Every day thousands of people around the world risk their lives for no apparent reason. Moreover, they do it consciously. These people are in constant pursuit of adrenaline. They suffer from thirst… the thirst for adventure, the thirst for acting, what often leads to dependence on extreme sports, on adrenaline.

Adrenaline addiction most likely occurs during the formation of the personality. When a young person suffers from lacking of self-confidence. To overcome this lack of confidence this person is trying to find the limit of their physical abilities in order to know what he’s capable of and what he/she worth in this life.

The first thought that comes to mind when you want to check yourself for strength is to try various extreme kinds of activities, doing which you have to overcome yourself, your fears, and your wish to just to leave this place at that particular moment and go home, where your lovely sofa and TV are waiting for you. Sometimes, these attempts can be really dangerous for your health, and what is more, sometimes they are dangerous for your only LIFE. The system is simple: if you are afraid of heights — jump with a parachute! If I’m afraid to fall off a skateboard and to break my legs — let’s try more!

Overcoming his/her fears, a person receives a dose of adrenaline. This small dose allows him/her to feel their strength, but after a while, it is not enough. There is a lack of faith in himself/herself and a principle “I want to prove to everyone that I can do better” again. Then, a human sets a new task, which is more difficult to do, seems impossible to do. Nonetheless, the person copes with it again. It does not occur immediately, of course. Eventually, he/she receives the required dose of adrenaline that makes his/her needs to grow more and more, so, sometimes, it achieves a desire to jump over your head… Thus, all the danger is in a human’s psychological dependence. Often, lovers of extremal feelings just totally forget about the basics of their safety. Moreover, sometimes they even ignore it consciously… You would probably ask me: “Why? For what?” The truth is simple: as more risk you take, as more adrenaline you get. There are not clearly defined borders between a healthy thirst for adrenalin and psychological dependence from it. That is why, before risking your only life just to feel something new or to show someone that you are a cool guy, but one day to leave your family without a father or mother, maybe it’s worth to stop and ask yourself: “Does it worth it?”