Project W1

I invented the technology of obtaining fresh water

Project W1

I invented the technology of obtaining fresh water. More people need drinking water on the planet. .

We can solve the global world problem with FRESH (DRINKING) WATER.

We can build this structure anywhere in the world where there is not enough water.

Structure will be built wherever water is needed, the mountains, the plains or the steppes.

That people could get drinking water ..

We do not get water from wells;

Artesan this old technology ….

We get water for free, without any additional costs. The energy does not need.

The size of this structure depends on the volume of needs, water ..

We will construct facilities for obtaining drinking water.

Compact can be installed on the roofs of the building, on ships, for the army when they are in the training ground, for people when they work in remote places, in the sea for oil workers.

This is a new invention, a different technology, which has no analogues in the world.

The author of the invention, Vilayat.N.B.


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