Hello Monday

May 15, 2017

Hello Monday !

Within me is unique light, gift, and talent. There is a purpose that fights to relentlessly be set free. This week abundance and prosperity flows freely through me. The same abundance that flows through all living things. As I acknowledge this unique spark in others, my light grows stronger. I will find the strength to face and break free of my fears and allow myself to flourish and grow into the true purpose and meaning of my life. This week I will take a risk, I will make a wish, I will take a chance … A chance on me!

Even if you do not acknowledge it, within you there is a wish to uncover true meaning and purpose. There is an innate need to know who you truly are and where you are impulsively headed on this journey we call life. The answers you seek lie within you, and within you is the strength to follow your truth, the spark and all the light necessary to flourish and to successfully attain all of your soul’s desires.

Happy Monday



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