The Divine Feminine

“ When a Sleeping Woman Awakes, Mountains Move!”

— Chinese Proverb

The Divine Feminine is the essence of all creation. It is the sacred energy that connects us to Mother Earth and the fertility of ideas, expressions, dreams, life and our existence.

No, this is not a feminine movement, nor the fight for the rise of a marching army of women. This energy is our balance. By nature, we are both feminine and masculine in our essence. Together we are the yin and yang; a representation of the duality present in nature. The Divine Feminine is Love, and “Love” is the power behind all that exists, all that we see, and all that we know. It goes unnoticed, but love is our core.

The divine feminine is the balance in giving and receiving. Although we all have yin and yang, (feminine and masculine energies), males naturally have more yang and females more yin. The Yin is predominantly passive, intuitive and creative. The yang is predominantly dominant, aggressive and analytic. These energies may be opposing forces, but there must be an equal balance of both energies to create all that exists.

In today’s society, we have taught our men that love is a weakness. We have made them believe that emotions are wrong; today they run from them not really knowing what they are running from. Men were once boys, who thrived and seeked balance by being nurtured and loved. Receiving this nurturing, loving, and unconditional energy allows them to become strong and determined men of value who in return connect by giving their yang energy, thus creating balance.

This energy is at the core of all beings. Accepting it, giving, and receiving it, no matter which part we play is essential.

Women must accept their natural essence of being the nurturers. The Divine Feminine resides in each one of them, and this energy does not make them weak. Women are the creators of life. They are strong and important. When they discover balance in giving, they empower themselves and they create healthy relationships that equally give and receive. They are the love that creates harmony in our world and compassion in our hearts. They must accept and fall deeply in love with the beauty of their Yin nature.

We are Love, and Love is the ultimate Power, the highest strength, and the greatest virtue we can possess.

The energy of the divine feminine is within all of us, male and female. This sacred energy connects us to our roots, to our home, and to our essence. It is the energy of creation and the light that surrounds the world. It nurtures and empowers us to grow. When we deny this Energy, we deny all that surrounds us. We access this love by loving ourselves, and by accepting that we are an active part of this universe that we live in.

Connect with the divine feminine by allowing the warmth of the sun or the light of the moon to wrap you in a hug. Allow a cool breeze to caress your skin and remind you that you are not alone. Believe, that you are loved no matter where you are. Love yourself, give and accept love from others, and you will discover that the LOVE you seek is all around you.


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