I am trying to connect the dots.

The dots of what I believe in. I believe that everything can have a connection together, in the way of belonging or impacting each-other. It’s like a good smoothie, it needs several ingredients to taste good and give you the vitamins that you need.

In the same way I believe that to make the world better, as well as to make you life great its important with variation. A design is shaped by several elements put together. So we need a bit of knowledge and resources from different places to build great solutions. That’s what stimulates creativity- impressions of different experiences.

So I try to engage in different areas and see how these ares can matter to each other. Then understand how we can connect them, by sharing different pieces of them and puzzle them together to a greater picture.

It’s not that strange that it’s hard to keep up with what I do, since I engange in a lot. The thing is that I believe that it’s conncected.

So explained in the language for the entrepreneurship-lovers out there:

I create solutions towards the things I believe in. The things I want to create an impact among or have a desire to express myself around.

I don’t want to use to much time on explaining what I do - I want to do.

Make it happen.

- mikedrop by Vilde Bang Foss

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