There is a lot of hate out there…specially in some parts of the entrepreneurial community about the term #WANNABE-ENTREPRENURS

So what is a kind of definition associated this term?

  • Keep in mind that I am no dictionary. I just share the truth of experience as being involved in the entrepreneurial community and trying to do entrepreneurship.
The wannabe-entrepreneur is associated with a person that attends a lot of events, or hang out at a lot of entrepreneurial spaces like a coworking space. Wanting to be a part of the entrepreneurial culture. They tend to share that they want to become an entrepreneur, but they don’t know what they want to do. They say they want to be their own boss and have a successful business.

…Well, who dont? Some. (I know I do)

This so-called #wannabes are mingling around with the ones who like to define themselves as #hustlers.

#hustlers is literately the opposite of wannabees. Those who work their ass off each day and are leading towards a financial business or already are their. They go all in with more work than talking.

This “diffraction “ between the #wannabees and the #hustlers has led to some hate from the #hustlers to the #wannabees.

The hustlers claim that the #wannabees does only talking with large words about what they want to do, but do nothing.

…and yeah, I get it. When you are a entrepreneur or let me rephrase it: a #hustler-entreprenuer You want to be surrounded by those who make stuff happen. Yes, I have been a viewer of it and I have met so many people who talk about all this stuff they want to achieve but do zero. I understand your frustration.


Entrepreneurship starts with finding an oppurtuntity for change.

I have been a #wannabe-entreprnuer…who knows, maybe I even am defined as one? Even though I have one company and am co-founder of one other. First of all- cashflow should not define if your an entrepreneur.

Why do we focus on hating on the #wannabees?

What would have happened if we instead helped them from the stage of #thinking-about to #doing-it ?

YEAH, some entrepreneurs out there are bold as fuck- they just live by Nike’s quote and just do it. But people are different and sometimes we need a small push to dare to do awesome shit!

So I don’t hate on the hype of #wannabe-entreprenuers.

I just truly appreciate that the awareness of entrepreneurship is constantly increasing. It leads to more opportunities- and more development.

So I would like to say that I appreciate does who starts to talk about change, and I hope that it eventually leads to action for change. Never before has it been more popular to dive into a mindflow of dreaming about a life as an entrepreneur. The cool thing is if at least 2 of those 5 whom some define as #wannabes in the future build something incredible. That might happen, never underestimate anyone. We all start at a stage of knowledge-seeking.

Yup, a small Wednesday-rant on all the hate. I hope we can change our mindset to be more open and supportive- than excluding people with assumptions. Empower each other- then cool shit will get done!

*Keep in mind that this is just an observation and it does not include the entire startup community. Each individual is different and approaching entreprenuership in various ways.

-Happy Wednesday reflections from a young trying to be entrepreneur

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