“CHANNEL YOUR ENERGY VILDE”. I have stopped to count how many times I hear this. Parents, friends, teachers,advisors, coaches, business people and you name it. There is some truth in it. Still, I want to be the one who break that pattern. This involves a bit less sleep, yes. A lot of priorities, focus and hardcore balance.

Doing one thing for the rest of my life- will never be my thing. I looove to have all of this different projects flying around in the same time.

Being involved in to many projects at the same time earlier on has brought me face-crashed into the wall.

So this time I need to focus it more in adjusted doses. The different part now- is that I am getting closer and closer to a freedom of doing more of the opportunities I fight for each day.

I have lost the count on how many entrepreneurial events I attended, and how many engagements I have done volunteer. The funny thing is that I now, suddenly can start to see some new doors slowly opens up.

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”

— Milton Berle

In other words if you want to achieve things, you need to work hard- get you real hustle on for it. I have spent years of working volunteer. I have said yes to doing all of this different people who have reached out to me with favors. Without blinking I have contributed so much without a income of money. My mother asked me why I do all of this for free?? When are you going to start to earn money on it? What do you get out of it? Why do you use so much time on it?

The answer is patience. To be patience is really important- patience, drive & hustle in a long term race. It will create a more sustainable effect in the longterm.

In the beginning when I started to do photography, I did not dare to take much paid for it. I felt to insecure- this fear of lacking client satisfaction. As I have continued to hustle with my work and gained progress. My courage has grown as well, and I am more aware of the value of it. So now I can be more open to say, “Thank you, that will be 5000 please.”

Back to the hustle part. Some might expect that as long as you start to hustle you will imidiatly get the result. Well, I want to confirm that as well as add a phrase. Taking action will create change, but its not always noticeable in that exact moment. Sometimes you need to wait 4 years, maybe more other times its a change the day after… It all depends. So you need to really have this desire of wanting it.

Hustle short term, think long term and think now.

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