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There are many people out there who may be seeing posts and reading articles on healing but wondering what this is all about. If you’re one of these people and you’re asking yourself, What does it mean to heal oneself? How does one start healing? Do I need to heal? then this post is for you.

What does it mean to heal and how does one start healing?

I can only speak from personal experience and, in my case, healing was triggered by a traumatic event — the death of my sister. …

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If you find yourself feeling unfulfilled and you yearn for change in your life, this article is a good starting point for your transformation journey. I will teach you three practices which can get you going on your path of healing straight away.

The most important thing to remember when applying any technique or tool is that you need to be consistent and strive to build a habit of it.

The techniques suggested in this article are simple but can lead to powerful shifts. …

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The hype around the self-love movement is full-on and the term is becoming a common-use amongst many as I’m writing. We hear the advice and encouragement to love ourselves more but do we truly understand what this means?

Women are unique beings and, in many ways, different than men. As much as we wished that we were equivalent and interchangeable, for better or worse, we’re not. But the fact is that we are expected to operate on one-size-fits-all terms.

This cannot be more damaging to women.

As our earth with its changing seasons and the turning phases of the moon…

Vilina Christoph

Vilina Christoph is a spiritual writer and uses the power of words to help others on their journeys of healing from trauma and recovery from mental illness.

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