Vilinskyy Alexander Chill out.
Kesiena Eboh

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean. But this is not the first post on Medium, which influences designers to do a bad job. It harms industry.

I can see, that people are trying to promote themselves using Medium posts, and later, designers can’t get a job at companies, because they’re convinced, that this type of research is acceptable.

It’s not. So i think every designer has to go deeper and do a proper research before writing an article. It will help her, other designers and even other professionals to understand designer’s job.

I interviewed few dozens of designers and they all made mistakes in correlation/causation, research strategy and such simple things, just because they read articles like this and believe, that this is “how designers are doing their job”. It’s not. And someone have to point this. I’m sorry, it’s me =)

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