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Music as an art is regarded as an essence that has to be embodied or innate. The latter is most fitting for the singer and songwriter – Jessica Lynn. She is one of the most successful independent country artists and is also often corresponded to the legendary Shania Twain. Although it is a great chamber to be positioned in, Lynn gives an exclusive touch to the music which makes her stand out.

Growing up, Jessica was an academically bright student. She further went on to graduate with a masters degree in Special Education while, at the same time being a member of The Mathematics Honor Society Kappa Mu Epsilon. Jessica formed her band when she was merely a teenager and at 16 she penned a song called ‘Your Favourite Singer’ which spoke about Alzheimer’s. The song although written at a young age had tremendous lyrical maturity. I was recently fortunate enough to listen to one of her interviews and I was blown away by how great of a storyteller she is. It is safe to say that her lyrical structurisation stems from this ability.

Lynn has been seen by millions on the road. She enjoys touring in its entirety. In the last four years, she has toured different countries and has performed with legends of rock and country music like Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, Richard Marx, Montgomery Gentry, Lonestar, ZZ Top and the illustrious Loretta Lynn herself. Jessica’s family drops major goals as her father joins her on stage with the bass guitar, mom on background vocals, and her husband on the lead guitar. A family of musicians is a hard one to find but what is even harder to find is one with unquestionable sync and talent who compliment each other and yet add individual distinctiveness to the music.

For Jessica, humanitarian works have also been of great significance. Lynn is incredibly patriotic and has strived to improve the lives of people in her country and around the world. With her privilege to reach a wider audience, Lynn has shed light on various humanitarian causes. Due to her immense talent and patriotism, she was invited by the UN for International Women’s Day and has also performed the National Anthem twice at Madison Square Garden as well as on National Television for NASCAR. In 2020, out of hundreds of bands, Jessica was chosen as an ambassador representing America throughout the world to promote American music and culture.

Jessica Lynn’s music always climbed the charts. “Crazy Idea” broke the Top 50, and “Let’s Don’t” peaked in the Top 40 on American Country Radio in 2018. She has never shied away from telling interviewers how much she loves performing in Europe and a worldwide audience has truly connected with her. On the day of the release, ‘‘Run To’’ hit the charts on the iTunes Country Chart in the Top 10 in both Italy and Austria and in the Top 100 in The United Kingdom. So far, the singles she released from her forthcoming album have been met with stellar commentary and features from several top entertainment and media publications internationally. In 2020 and early 2021, both Guitar Girl Magazine and Maverick Magazine featured Jessica on their covers.

Jessica Lynn has spent the last few years not only on the road, but also on television. She has starred in three nationwide concert television specials for Public Television which are now also available on Amazon Prime Video. Jessica is definitely a budding superstar to look out for. She pens beautiful lyrical work of art. To say she is a wunderkind would be an understatement. Her aura is so contagious when she is on stage. Jessica would have been great if she followed her academic brightness but it is hard to imagine a singer like her doing anything else.

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