Slide Update:

My original slides were not much to look at other than a nice render. So, after receiving feedback from my group I did a whole make over for my slides, including the initial render.

Slide 1 changes:

  • Changed the font of the text to compliment the slide and my render of the L/C Meter.
  • Put in some key words and highlighted them.
  • Created an overall layout for the slide.
  • Added a second image to go with the first one.
  • Took the giant paragraph in from the original slide and summarized it into points.

Slide 2 changes:

  • Redesigned the render for my L/C Meter. Added a feature I forgot to add to the original, a car charger.
  • Put a silhouette car behind the meter to give some more perspective/scale.
  • Summarized paragraph in original slide into points.
  • Put my artist signature in the bottom left corner.
  • Organized and laid out the information to match the style of slide one.
Edited Slide 1
Edited Slide 2


Storyboard used to plan video.


Elevator Pitch video on YouTube.


Wednesday, 11/28: Outline/timeline due, complete and post new story.

Friday, 11/30: Start working on/updating slides based on feedback. Post updated slides to folder.

Saturday, 12/1: Start working on and creating story board.

Sunday, 12/2: Finish storyboard and set up things to make a video. Record video and post to youtube.

Monday, 12/3: Work on blog.

Tuesday, 12/4: finalize blog and post.