3 Reasons You Should Join an Open Organization!

Your employees come together as a community! How so? Every individual has the chance to help one another grow with different thoughts, and allows the company to flourish with brilliant new ideas. There are cultural boundaries that help one another to work together.


The positive 20 percent of your team wants to see your company grow, so they will perform very well with your new task you are trying to establish. Also can be known as your top employees. The company should engage with the 60 percent performers because their talents with continue to increase with time, so it is important to keep them around . They will connect with their environment and understand and elaborate with those around them. The negative 20 percent are the companies weakest employees because they are unproductive, which can effect the company as a whole. They are not involved with the companies goals and aspirations. May use terms like “this will never work.”


It is important to interact with your fellow employees, whether you are the CEO, Manager, Assistant manager, Supervisor, etc. Your engagement and concerns will allow you to have healthy and hardworking employees! I read in the “Open Organization Field Guide” how important it is to have all your employees involved with the company, even your truck drivers. There appearance and establishment to the company plays a huge roll, just as a CEO. When conducting a meeting it is important to involve every employee, from every department, and this is what an open organization does. They are considered a family, and what to see positive outcomes in everything they do!

Managers and Employees

It is important for the manager and employees to have an understanding on the concepts they are trying to portray. Without the manager, there is no one to control what issues are trying to be solved, and without the employees there is no one to help the job get done and grow. This is a working community that helps eachother hand and hand. Sometimes disagreements between the two are healthy because it allows one another to see the different perspectives, but their voices will be heard and you never know if the disagreement can turn into a successful project!


I would love to join an open organization because I believe it is filled with plenty of opportunities. People have the chance to be heard, and express how they feel about different projects. Its all about working hand in hand with people who have the same goals, and every one is equal.