The different avenues to design thinking

Observe, engage, and emerse

It is very important to analyze the characteristics and traits to understand the behavior of your peer. Interacting with a variety of individuals during the encounters you will face. Involve oneself into the different activities or interests.


One of the first steps to being able to succesfully empathize is understanding how a person may feel or what they are thinking. Providing information that incorporates the environment, problem solving, and engaging other voices corolates with retaining the mental picture thats being created. Engaging with people allows one to understand their values and how they overcome different situations in life.


Define is your unique vision that is created based on what you’ve found during the empathy process. It expresses the process of finding a meaningful solution to ones problem. Your point of view allows you to motivate your acquaintances and provide your ideas if needed. It allows a group of people with different thoughts to figure out a resolution to a problem and how can they make it better.

Once the problem is set in stone, one should brainstorm to find a solution. Trying to avoid the “obvious” way to solve a problem, and go more into depth as to why something occured with your team members.


Different ideas come together as one

The ideas brought together by many people and use them in todays society. Prototypes are more affectionate when people can bring them to life and interact with them. It helps us solve any disagreements and start conversations.


How one tests the feedback from different people to make the next solution more successful then before.This helps us cope with one another to learn more about the user. One should do anything possible to make your resolution as accurate as possible, because there is never a definite answer. There is always room to make your design more positive then it was yesterday.

Inimate levels of obsevartion


It is always important to empathize with the people of your community, work-force, classroom, etc. because every voice matters and the different ideas can come together to create a better outcome in what ever you do. Sit down with your group and conversate on how the solutions to a problem can be perfected.


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