Lessons From Luminaries: A Luncheon With Village Global LP, Abby Johnson, CEO of Fidelity

Last week we invited 14 of the most influential investors, operators and entrepreneurs in our network to an exclusive luncheon with Village Global luminary and LP, Abby Johnson, the CEO of Fidelity. We discussed everything from aging, to raising children, the future of AI and the workforce, millennials’ relationships with finance, liquidity in public vs. private markets, privacy, short-term vs. long-term thinking, education, cryptocurrency, and more.

At Village Global, we believe these kinds of interactions are essential. We’re grateful that our LP’s, including Abby, back Village with their time, energy and money.

The guest list included people like Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Ripple; Bradley Horowitz, a product executive at Google; Adrienne Harris at State Street; and Nellie Levchin of SciFi Ventures. The differing philosophies and experiences represented at the table made for an insightful and engaging conversation.

During lunch, we catered the discussion around the concept of “mind-quakes,” a unique opportunity for each individual to present a bold idea about the state of the tech and business world.

Here were some of the highlights:

Mike Levinthal, long-time angel investor, spoke about the potential complications of a longer lifespan induced by technological innovation.

Bradley Horowitz, VP at Google, spoke about the world of work influenced by AI.

Josh Elman, VP at Robinhood, raised questions about the effects of social media on relationships.

Manu Kumar, of K9 Ventures, discussed how companies are staying private longer and shared ideas about how we might deal with multi-billion dollar privates as the new norm.

Francoise Brougher, COO of Pinterest, noted the lack of innovation in education and governance over the past 100 years.

Chris Larsen, Co-Founder and CEO of Ripple, raised awareness about the importance of ILPs (Inter Ledger Protocols) and more broadly, the concept of interoperability between all networks and all exchanges of value.

Nellie Levchin, of SciFi Ventures, spoke about China and the rise of the middle class.

Ryan Caldbeck, Founder and CEO of CircleUp, imagined a world in which a venture fund could be better, faster and cheaper by applying AI.

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