Lessons From Luminaries with Anne Wojcicki

In early February, Village Global luminary LP, Anne Wojcicki, joined us in Mountain View for an intimate fireside chat with the first Chief Data Scientist for the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy, DJ Patil.

Anne is a pioneer in bringing personal genome mapping to the masses through 23andMe. At Village Global, we are honored to have her among the small group of LP luminaries whose financial capital and engagement power our network of founders.

Before the event, Anne met with our portfolio founders and network leaders for an exclusive conversation on early-stage entrepreneurship, investing, operating and more.

During the one hour conversation, Anne and DJ discussed the state of direct to consumer healthcare, tailored medicine and the future of digital health, drug discovery, the use of data in drug development and their own respective intellectual journeys.

After the event, Anne graciously stayed to greet our portfolio founders and network leaders to discuss their specific businesses and needs.

Here are select photos from the day.

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