Village Global $100M Fund: Off and Running!

Since our launch a few months ago, network-driven early stage investing is in full swing here. With fundraising complete, we can share more about how we support founders.

We raised $100 million to invest early in Silicon Valley and around the world

We like being among your first checks, supporting your transition from angel-backed to venture financed. With substantial reserves, we plan to participate in Series A and beyond…a partner as you move from inception to growth stage.

Network-driven sourcing, funding, and advising

Our Network Leaders discover promising founders across a broad range of sectors, geographies, backgrounds and business models.

For example, Jennifer Lum, a Boston-based angel investor and serial entrepreneur, recently led a Village Global investment in Evisort, AI-enabled contract management.

Jennifer, along with other founders, angels, operators, technical experts and functional specialists, are then available on an ongoing basis as you hire, go to market, and fundraise.

The Network Catalyst experience

In response to founder requests, we created the Network Catalyst experience. Personalized rather than programmatic, it’s for founders who see outsized value from a very active role of Village HQ and Network Leaders on their behalf.

In the case of VeriSIM Life, which develops software simulations to speed drug development, they wanted to augment their team’s deep expertise in pharmacology and software simulations with extensive fundraising experience and relevant investor relationships. With Network Catalyst, Jo Varshney soon raised money from institutional investors, hired exceptional talent and added two sought-after advisors.

Luminaries engaging

Pinterest co-founder and CEO Ben Silbermann, a Village Global luminary, at a small dinner for our Network Leaders

Each Village LP “luminary” shares a passion for entrepreneurship and the innovator’s journey. Each has committed time and energy to the Village network. We’re delighted to start seeing the impact of that engagement already.

Pinterest cofounder and CEO Ben Silbermann recently shared insights with some of the best angel investors in the Village network.

LinkedIn cofounder and partner at Greylock Reid Hoffman rolled up his sleeves for formation stage Q&A and conversation with our Network Catalyst founders.

Next month, Spanx founder Sara Blakely is headlining an event titled “Underestimated” for some of our top women founders.

Sensing & responding

There’s much more to come, and much more to do.

As a new fund, and like any good network, we’re intent on listening, measuring, iterating, and adapting.

We invite you to follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn, drop us an email, or describe your startup and why it might be a good fit for Village investment.

Village Global HQ Team

Ben, Anne, Ross, Erik, Adam, Sheila, Sebastian, and Angie