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Village Global is an early stage venture capital firm backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs including Jeff Bezos, Sara Blakely, Reid Hoffman, Magic Johnson, and Anne Wojcicki.

We seek a General Manager (GM) of Network to craft transformative experiences for founders participating in our accelerator program called Network Catalyst. For three months at a time, formation-stage founders supercharge their company’s progress with an extended network of advisors, customers, talent, and investors.

You’ll curate the experience, handling the operational challenges of supporting dozens of founders and facilitating connections in the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Given this combination, this could be a dream job for someone looking to break into VC or startups in Silicon Valley.

To succeed, you’re likely passionate about tech startups, eager to build community among founders, and enthusiastic to create transformative experiences.

Perhaps you’re an analyst or associate at a venture firm who wants to be more of an operator. Perhaps you’re a product manager or engineer at a tech company. Perhaps you started your own company and now are looking for your next play. Or maybe you’ve been in management consulting, private equity or banking the past couple years and want to do something more entrepreneurial. There are many different backgrounds of people who could thrive in this unique role.

We look forward to hearing from you! And if it’s not a fit for you, but you know someone who is, we’ll pay you $5,000 if we hire the person you refer. Please send them our way to jobs@villageglobal.vc

This role in based in San Francisco, CA.

You can apply here.

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Learn more at www.villageglobal.vc or submit your startup here.

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