Check out Village Jewel Museum and Lodge for an exciting Weekend Adventure Trip

It is very natural of us to pine for relaxing yet fun trips. In today’s times, where work pressure and daily drudgeries of life take a heavy toll on us every day, it becomes important for us to take a break and rejuvenate our body and mind. The best way to feel fresh and get the zeal of going back to your routine life is a Weekend Adventure Trip. If you live in Delhi, then there are many options for you to enjoy nice Weekend Adventure Trips. One of the most popular of such places is the Village Jewel Museum and Lodge.

Located at a short distance from the city, Village Jewel Museum and Lodge is quite a place to be and enjoy with your family. It lets you have the amazing feeling of living a simple and healthy life. Well-equipped with all the necessary facilities, this lodge is quite popular among people who love to explore and try out new things in life. The place can get you very excited if you have always lived in the city and know very less about living in the lap of nature. So, if you are also wondering to go to a different place and have a new kind of experience, then think of taking a Weekend Adventure Trip to Village Jewel. Reasonably priced, the place offers the very beautiful tribal jewelry collection. It took them years to collect and put on display such an amazing collection.

Village Jewel is also known for hosting numerous workshops. You can get all the information about the upcoming workshops in advance, through their website, Also, you can easily reserve your place in advance, to avoid any last minute hustle-bustle. Well located, pretty affordable and very exciting, this place is best to spend a good weekend.