Pity Porn For Racists: The Media Wants You To Feel Sorry For Trump Supporters. Don’t.
Oliver Willis

I hardly feel sorry for the white supremacist wannabes in the Trump contingent. I do however, feel sorry for you. You clearly have a great big old chip on your shoulder. You, like many Americans who identify as black, have internalized the oppression that the black community has suffered. That’s going to be a problem moving forward. Not for the rest of us, but definitely for you and the Trump supporters. Let me tell you about my experience with white privilege:

My stomach hurts when it’s empty. Nobody has ever bought me lunch on account of how white I am. I have a chronic metabolic disorder that will require a lifetime of doctors visits, blood tests and prescriptions. Nobody has ever paid my medical bills or bought my prescriptions because of how white I am. I suffer just as much from the cold or the extremes of heat, and my white skin does not shed rainwater any better than your black skin does. No one has ever given me a home because I was white.

As a white man in the South, I am supposedly immune from the attention of the police. And yet, I have had my ribs broken in police custody. The ACLU did not care. There were no marches or riots on my account. And I know one man in particular every bit as white as myself, who is on a first-name basis with every sheriff in the county. As are all four of his children, who are equally white.

I fully agree with you about Trump and his supporters. But the tone of this piece is divisive and slanted. We need less of that. A big part of Trump’s success with white voters is that they feel -rightly or wrongly- attacked and demonized by this kind of rhetoric.

How about making more of an effort to see things from a perspective other than your own?

That is all.

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