It’s funny how an article that is suppose to be against racism can be so racist.
Just Geoff

Not wanting people to be in the country illegally is not racist. Calling every Mexican who crosses the border without a visa a drug dealing, murdering rapist absolutely cannot be seen as anything but racist. Let me give you a heads-up on illegal immigrants: they are responsible picking every piece of American grown produce that you have ever eaten in your entire life. American farmers depend on them. Especially in States like Florida, where I live. The reason for this is that no native son is going to go out in the Summer sun and pick tomatoes for a dollar a bushel. At least I’m not, are you? And while I’m sure there are some murdering, raping, drug dealing, Mexican farm laborers, I read the paper and I can tell you for a fact that here in Florida most of the crime is committed by Americans. You want to keep every undocumented Mexicans out of the country? I hope you have a strong back or don’t mind going hungry.

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