What have most popular tweets in common?

What is then the ultimate ingredient for the perfect tweet, the one that opens the door to another dimension? The 5th movement! (hello The OA fans!) Well, this is tricky. First of all, be fair with yourself or your brand. We have to assume that we are never going to have that amount of RT because that requires a huge amount of followers as an almost mandatory condition. This doesn’t mean that you cannot have very successful tweets nor that big accounts get many RT just for being big. With that in mind, the only thing, in my opinion, a tweet should have in order to pick up and gain massive exposure relies on 3 ingredients.

Ingredients for a great tweet

It is spontaneous. Fresh. A product of your personality. That can be fun, brutally honest or very emotional. But the spontaneity must always remain.

It is relevant for your main audience. Maybe for your non-fans as well but mostly for the people that follow you. This is important because they are the ones that can ignite the dissemination.

It is now. Not surprising but this that is the nature of Twitter, to be here and now. As you are going to see below, Hilary Clinton made her successful tweet after the past elections when Trump was elected president. Harry Stiles made his tweet on his birthday, and Ellen took her famous selfie right at the Oscars, while she was hosting the show.

Of course, there are more relevant things to take into consideration such the engagement that your account has, because as I said you can have a huge amount of followers and don’t have a great engagement always. This is the case of many news outlets for example; they gather large audiences but the people that compose that audience has different interests, therefore they will only react when something of their interest is tweeted.

Then you also have a geographical limitation and the language barrier. Not all the countries are equally popular on Twitter, and if you want to create an audience in Bulgaria is going to be much harder that if you try on the United States or India. Similarly, if you express yourself in Maltese you might get high engagement but probably not many RT, due to the fact that many people out there won’t understand you. Despite that, of course, you should express yourself in the language that you want!

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