Basics of Human Resource Management

CASE 1: What It Was REALLY Like Working As an Abercrombie ‘Model’

Our first assignment for the course was to study certain topics from the book and read an article about a girl who worked as a “model” for Hollister for two years. My thoughts after reading the article were kind of mixed. I had heard some of these things before, since I have some friends in the U.S. who have worked for them, but I didn’t know it was that bad. But I was also a little suspicious, I think the girl was making a big deal out of some of the things and you could clearly tell how mad she was at the company.

But assuming the story was a 100 per cent true, that is just not the way a company should a) hire personnel and b) treat the staff. And about the company not hiring minorities or putting them to work “in the back”, I think that is just illegal and no company should have policies like this one.

Referring to the book, A&F’s hiring and selecting processes are, or used to be, extremely non-efficient. First of all, recruiting people only based on their looks, can be considered very unethical. Secondly, the company has no idea whether the candidates are qualified or not. Of course, a job in retail doesn’t require much, but as said in the article, some of the candidates could have had a drug problem or other obstacles for hiring them. I understood that the “interview”, wasn’t an interview, it was more like an info session, where the new employees were told what they need to be doing and what they can not do in the job.

Some pros to A&F’s recruitment process, this kind of recruiting is very cost-efficient. It doesn’t cost much to have one employee walking around the mall asking good-looking people to come to an interview. Secondly, they can take a lot of people in at one time, and then let go the people who are not a good fit for the job. Once again, is it very ethical, probably not. But a company can decide their hiring process by themselves and that is how a lot of companies work these days. For example, the company I work for, recruits a lot of new employees externally, and then only keeps the best workers and lets the others go. Not the most ethical way, but very efficient I think.

To sum the case up, it’s a good thing A&F is changing their employee policies and hiring process. I hope they will start considering the reliability and validity of the candidates, and not only looking at their looks.


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